Top Bond Rating Among CT Cities

Waterbury’s “AA-” rating is just three notches from the highest bond rating available – equal to that of Stamford, and stronger than the other big cities in Connecticut.

Infographic showing the improved bond rating of Waterbury, CT over the years


The continual growth in the grand list – over $354 million in the last five years – is reflective of the ongoing economic resurgence in Waterbury. Personal property tax value has increased more than $24 million, as businesses are investing in things like new machinery and equipment.

Infographic showing Waterbury, CT city grand list growth up to 2021

Bringing the community together

Community relations is a key initiative that’s building trustworthy connections with citizens, neighborhoods and community groups across the City. This is resulting in significant reductions in crime.


The City has deeply invested in its public service buildings and facilities to make accessing and delivering services easier.

New Businesses & Jobs

Between 2012-2019, over 100 new businesses have opened in the City of Waterbury. These businesses have yielded over 3,000 new jobs.

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