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For nearly a century, Waterbury was the Brass Capital of the World – and what remains is a citizenry full of hard workers, dreamers and doers.

Waterbury is teeming with tight communities, a variety of things to do, and lots of very special people.

Waterbury welcomes you – so bring your strengths, and expect our support.

Waterbury woman smiling and holding a bunch of white flowers in front of her WORX

See what Waterbury can offer you:

Visionary People

Some are born and bred Waterburians. Others are from far and wide. All believe in Waterbury. Meet some of the visionaries bringing Waterbury back to prominence.

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Waterbury CT leaders Dr. Verna Ruffin, John Hopkins and Frank Monteiro

Municipal Stability

The City of Waterbury is on solid ground. By putting a proactive and collaborative vision in motion over the last decade, crime is down, budgets are balanced and investments are happening.

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Graphic of a man and woman shaking hands in front of the Waterbury CT City Hall building below Open and Growing message

Central Location

At the crossroads of two major expressways, and with proximity to air, land and sea transportation hubs, Waterbury is an excellent spot to bring things into and distribute things from.

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Graphic of a train, forklift, airplane taking off, the Mixmaster highway area and signs for I-84 and Route 8

Growth Initiatives

A downtown revitalization. Improvements in infrastructure. New initiatives for more sustainable living. Go inside some of the major moves Waterbury is making to support existing and future citizens.

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Graphic of two hands holding a growing city, large tree and waterway

Healthcare Excellence

Highlighted by two major hospitals, the City is a regional center for medical and mental health services – providing vital primary and specialty care access to residents across the Waterbury region.

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Female healthcare worker wearing a Waterbury badge speaking to a female patient and taking notes

Educational Depth

Waterbury emphasizes immersive learning for people of all ages, and the City is a center for quality education. With elementary to high school, public and private, magnet or technical, on-campus and online, the City features lots of options – including three colleges and universities – to learn at some of the finest educational institutions around.

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Graphic showing three females including a young student, older student and graduate

Manufacturing Expertise

Although the local economy has changed in many ways since the Brass City heyday of Waterbury, specialized manufacturing remains a backbone of the region – with growing companies, using innovative processes, bringing reliable products to the world.

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Photo of two people using science equipment and manufacturing machinery with a mathematical drawing of Waterbury logo

Connected Workforce

Waterbury features a hard-working talent pool, with skilled professionals that drive businesses in all industries forward. Plus, there’s a variety of organizations and programs dedicated to training the workforce of the future in the region.

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Graphic of a conveyor belt and gears surrounded by professionals from various industries

Year-Round Recreation

Waterbury is alive with community events that provide opportunities for people of all ages, ethnicities and interests to come together. By joining in the fun, you and anyone else can celebrate commonalities, appreciate differences and contribute to our vibrant City culture.

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A graphic showing recreational buildings in downtown Waterbury and people singing, golfing and taking part in local events

Rich Arts & Culture

Highlighted by a world-class performing arts theater, an expanding museum and one of the largest multicultural festivals in the Northeast, the City of Waterbury offers truly diverse – and invigorating – arts and culture experiences.

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Colorful illustration of musicians, the Palace Theater and Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury CT

Dining Options

Like the people who live, work and play here, Waterbury has wonderful diversity in its choices for food. With hundreds of establishments to choose from – including several of the top restaurants in Connecticut – you’ll never run out of great meals and good times.

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Hand holding a fork over various plates of food including pasta, fruit, fish and salad

Attractive Real Estate

With a variety of prime commercial properties, and residential home values growing on average, Waterbury offers a diverse real estate stock with great investment possibilities. If your family and your business are looking for comfort and high quality living, we invite you to look here.

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Map pins hovering over available real estate in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Most Affordable U.S. Suburb

Zillow research, using data from Zillow and Yelp Inc., has compiled the list of the Top 10 Most Affordable Suburbs with a City Feel – and Waterbury has been named the #1 Suburb in the United States.

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Collage with pointer finger raised on a hand and a ribbon naming Waterbury the Most Affordable Suburb with a City Feel in the United States

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