Podcast Episodes


How John Hopkins and Waterbury's Post University Are Rethinking Higher Ed

Episode 1


Why Frank Monteiro Chose to Run His Global Business From Waterbury

Episode 2


Why Peter Adamo Knows Waterbury Is Poised For A Significant City Revitalization

Episode 3

The Waterbury Talks Podcast Series Frank Tavera Palace Theater

How Frank Tavera And The Waterbury Community Recreated Its Crown Jewel

Episode 4

Waterbury CT podcast Molly Kellogg Hubbard Hall

Why Molly Kellogg And Her Chemical Company Are Doubling Down In Waterbury

Episode 5

Waterbury podcast Cathy Awwad Workforce Board

How This "Jill Of All Trades" Is Carving Career Pathways For Waterbury's Workforce

Episode 6

Waterbury CT podcast Eric Pedersen Ideal Fish

Why Eric Pedersen Made Waterbury His Spot To Revolutionize The Future Of Fish Consumption

Episode 7

Waterbury Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin

How Dr. Verna Ruffin Is Orchestrating Student Achievement In The Waterbury Public Schools

Episode 8

Saint Mary's Hospital President Dr. Steve Schneider

Why Dr. Steve Schneider Walks Around Waterbury – And How It's Shaping Local Healthcare

Episode 9

Mattatuck Museum Executive Director Bob Burns

How Bob Burns And The Mattatuck Museum Are Telling Waterbury's Greatest Tales

Episode 10

WORX President and Chief Creative Officer Grant Copeland

What Grant Copeland Has On His Mind – And How It's Drawing Attention To Waterbury

Episode 11

Master Chefs Michone Arrington, James Thompson and Donte Jones from The Art Of Yum in Waterbury

What Waterbury's The Art Of Yum Is Trying To Prove With Its Culinary Masterpieces

Episode 12

The Waterbury Talks Podcast series featuring Jim O'Rourke of the Greater Waterbury YMCA

Why Jim O'Rourke of the YMCA Believes That Waterbury Is Getting Healthier By the Day

Episode 13

The Waterbury Talks podcast episode featuring Kristen Jacoby from United Way of Greater Waterbury

What Kristen Jacoby Sees As Special About United Way And Social Services In Waterbury

Episode 14

Joe Gramando of Green Hub Development on top of the Brown Building in Waterbury, CT

Why One Of Waterbury's Biggest Developers Is Investing So Heavily In The City

Episode 15

The Waterbury Talks podcast series featuring Waterbury Promise Executive Director Kelonda Maull

How Waterbury Is Keeping Its Promise To College-Ready Students

Episode 16

The Waterbury Talks podcast series featuring Connecticut Community Foundation CEO Julie Loughran

What ingredients Julie Loughran sees in waterbury's recipe for success

Episode 17


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